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WBC 4.94 10e3/μL
NEU 3.13 10e3/μL 63.4 % Left Shift
LYM 1.00 10e3/μL 20.3 %
MONO .464 10e3/μL 9.39 %
EOS .258 10e3/μL 5.22 %
BASO .083 10e3/μL 1.68 %
IG 0.00 10e3/μL .004 %
NRBC 0.00 10e3/μL
NR/W 0.00

RBC 3.60 10e6/μL
HGB 7.35 g/dL
HCT 23.1 %
MCV 64.1 fL
MCH 20.4 pg
MCHC 31.8 g/dL
RDW 20.7 %
RETIC 115. 10e3/μL 6.39 %
IRF .512
MCHr 20.8 pg

PLT 408. 10e3/μL
MPV 6.71 fL
%rP 2.52 %

Reticulocyte/platelet – Size vs. fluorescence plot
The reticulocyte fraction (green) is more pronounced compared to a normal sample, with the top-most portion representing the immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF).
Volume (RBC):
RBC volume histogram plot
The RBC volume histogram is shifted to the left indicating the presence of microcytes. In addtion, the curve has an asymmetric shape and a wide base, which is consistent with the high RDW and variability in size of the RBC (anisocytosis).
Size vs. Intermediate angle light scatter plot
The presence of microcytic RBC is evident by the closeness of the PLT (yellow) and the RBC (red) population on the ALL x IAS3 scatter plot. However, the two are clearly separated as a result of differences in their internal complexity and light scatter characteristics. The small number of normocytic normochromic RBC appear as a partially separated cluster on the top of the majority of the RBC.
CHC x Volume (RBC):
Cellular hemoglobin concentration vs. RBC volume plot
RBC are clustered around the 60 fL hash mark for volume and around the 28 pg for CHC, consistent with hypochromic microcytic anemia. In addition, a small population of normochromic, normocytic RBC can be noted in the middle of the scatterplot.
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