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Immature Granulocytes (IG)


In contrast to the Granulocytosis cases, the granulocytosis in these two patients is characterised by distinctively abnormal neutrophil population cluster shapes. This cluster pattern is suggestive of immature granulocytes (IG), and this possibility is further indicated by the presence of IG/BAND flagging alerts. There are no other major abnormalities with regards to the WBC differentials although the increased monocyte and basophil counts in Case B may have relevance in the context of possible myeloproliferative disease. Both patients also show a moderate normocytic anaemia and mild to moderate reductions in the absolute platelet count. Reference microscopic review of these two samples revealed the presence of 19% IG in Case A and 16% IG in Case B.

Numerical Results


WBC 17.1 10e3/μL  56.9 10e3/μL
NEU 16.1 94.2 % IG/BAND 50.3 88.4 %  IG/BAND
MONe .221 1.29 % .4.28 7.53 %
EOS .00 .00 % .029 .050 %
BASO .041 .243 % .520 .913 %
LYMe .736 4.31 % 1.75 3.08 %

RBC  2.61 10e6/μL  3.12 10e6/μL
HGB 8.47 g/dL  8.80 g/dL
HCT  24.1 % 27.7 %
MCV 92.2 fL 88.8 fL
MCH 32.4 pg 28.2 pg
MCHC 35.1 g/dL 31.8 g/dL
RDW 13.6 % 17.4 %

PLT 68.2 10e3/μL 135. 10e3/μL
MPV 10.2 fL  8.85 fL

Immature Granulocytes (IG) :
Immature Granulocytes (IG) :
CELL-DYN Ruby Casebook. Immature Granulocytes (IG). 2018. ADD-00005070. p.36
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