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WBC, RBC and platelet counts were decreased in this patient. Although the WBC count was very low, the automated differential was reported without associated flags. A manual differential confirmed the automated neutrophil count of 99%.


Rapid reporting of the absolute neutrophil count is important in a number of clinical areas, including oncology and transplant medicine. If the complete blood count (CBC) is reported with flags, or part of it is invalidated, the lab should prepare, stain and review a blood smear. However, in this case, the laboratory may have chosen to release the automated differential, without any manual intervention.


Pancytopenia is a relatively common manifestation of a range of serious hematological diseases, including leukemia, bone marrow aplasia, myelodysplasia and megaloblastic anemia, where RBC, WBC and platelet numbers are characteristically reduced (Gayathri).

Numerical Results

WBC .701 10e3/μL
NEU .696 10e3/μL 99.3 %
LYM 0.00 10e3/μL 0.00 %
MONO 0.00 10e3/μL 0.00 %
EOS .004 10e3/μL .599 %
BASO 0.00 10e3/μL 0.00 %
IG .001 10e3/μL .094 %
NRBC 0.00 10e3/μL
NR/W 0.00

RBC 3.45 10e6/μL
HGB 11.2 g/dL
HCT 33.9 %
MCV 98.1 fL
MCH 32.5 pg
MCHC 33.1 g/dL
RDW 14.6 %

RETIC 23.2 10e3/μL .671 %
IRF .228
MCHr 33.1 pg

PLT 67.6 10e3/μL
MPV 7.45 fL
%rP 2.58 %

Intermediate angle light scatter vs. size plot
The predominance of neutrophils (yellow) is evident in this scatterplot. Other leukocyte populations normally seen in this plot are virtually absent.
Intermediate angles of light scatter plot
In this scatterplot, RBC (red) and platelets (yellow) are plotted as measured by two intermediate angles of light scatter. While some of the RBC events extend downward, the RBC and platelet populations remain separated, suggesting that the RBC do not interfere with the platelet count.
FIGURE 17.3 Volume (PLT):
Platelet size distribution histogram
In this histogram of platelet size distribution, volume is plotted on the x-axis and the number of platelets on the y-axis. The curve is log normal and represents a typical size distribution. The height of the curve, along the y-axis, however, is somewhat lower than usual, consistent with a decreased platelet count.
Alinity hq casebook. Pancytopenia. ADD-00061876-v2 2019. p.46-47

Alinity h-series is available in select countries, not including the US.
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Alinity h-series is available in select countries, not including the US.