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Laboratory Management & Compliance

Advances in Laboratory Automation & IT Solutions

Are you ready to transform your laboratory to increase your laboratory's productivity? Learn how automation and IT solutions can deliver increased quality and reliability for your laboratory.

Becoming a Reference Laboratory

Independent reference laboratories are transforming the clinical testing segment as a result increasing consolidation. Learn how you can prepare to transform your laboratory to become a highly efficient reference laboratory that focuses on science and service, and conducting high-quality testing and a quick turn-around time.

New Laboratory Planning and Design

Planning and designing a new laboratory is critical to achieving improved productivity goals and mitigating unforeseen disruptions into the future as your laboratory grows. Learn what considerations and steps you need to take in order to build a laboratory that is scalable well into the future.

Guide for New Equipment and Process Change Management

Readying your laboratory for implementation of new instruments, up to achieving test of record can be challenging. Learn what you can expect during the implementation process, from site readiness preparations, instrument installation, training, reagent availability, and operator qualification to ensure that all procedures are followed properly.

Laboratory Safety Guidelines

The laboratory environment can be a hazardous place to work. Establishing and maintaining a strong set of safety protocols are essential to avoiding and mitigating incidents in the laboratory. Explore rules and guidelines that can help improve your laboratory's safety and keep your staff safe.